Anno XIX, 1-2016

Nuove considerazioni sul pregiudizio nei confronti della disabilità

Published 2016-07-25

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Fratini, T. (2016). Nuove considerazioni sul pregiudizio nei confronti della disabilità. Studi Sulla Formazione/Open Journal of Education, 19(1), 201–212.


This article addresses the theme of prejudice in relation to disability as a central aspect in the context of the issue of social exclusion in people with disabilities. Going beyond the analysis of prejudice in narrow cognitive terms, as a form of stereotype, its conceptualization presents itself as a result of pathological defense mechanisms. With this in mind, prejudice towards disability is re-read in light of massive defenses against not only diversity, but also against those who carry mental pain. The articles concludes with a reflection on the ways in which prejudice against disability can be fought in our society in order to promote genuine social change.


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