Vol. 14 No. 2 (2011): Anno XIV, II-2011

Oltre l'Aforisma 125. Religione e religiosità nella formazione dell'uomo

Published 2012-06-18

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Gennari, M. (2012). Oltre l’Aforisma 125. Religione e religiosità nella formazione dell’uomo. Studi Sulla Formazione/Open Journal of Education, 14(2), 39–45. https://doi.org/10.13128/Studi_Formaz-11102


The essay, from Nietzsche’s Aphorism 125, analyse the dialectic between the “objective” of religion and the “subjective” of religious. The “death of God” (or otherwise his impotence) in face of Auschwitz and of Market assigns to man the responsibility of the world: the same religious education must aspire to make men free and to respect their religious feelings.


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