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SocietàMutamentoPolitica is a journal of sociology founded by Gianfranco Bettin Lattes . It includes theoretical and empirical studies of social phenomena in the belief that the interweaving of society and politics is of crucial analytical importance. Sociology is a form of knowledge that works alongside other social sciences and offers a rational tool for a critique of society and for the development of good government. The main aim of SMP is to encourage an exchange of views among sociologists by promoting open debate and encouraging the young to undertake new research.

Lorenzo Viviani, Università di Pisa, Italy

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The Covid-19 Pandemia poses an unprecedented challenge to the social sciences. Through empirical and immediate speculation, ‘pandemic sociology’ goes beyond the narrow findings of common sense. Sociological imagination is a kind of knowledge that combines forecast analysis and innovative planning with a critical awareness rooted in the tradition of democratic thought. Imagining a new social world beyond lockdown means exposing and curbing the perverse effects of globalization contributing to a process of resilience to stimolate a new model of development. The SMP Symposium aims to investigate the changes in social and political bonds during the lockdown, the new inequalities and involutional effects deriving from it, and the new social representations connected with the pandemic risk and its perception. 

La Redazione di SMP si unisce al dolore della famiglia per la scomparsa dell'amico e collega Andrea Spreafico, Professore ordinario di Sociologia generale presso l’Università Roma Tre. Andrea è stato fin dalla fondazione un protagonista di Società Mutamento Politica, contribuendo con la sua intelligenza, gentilezza e impegno alla crescita sociologica e umana della nostra comunità. In questo momento di sconcerto e dolore vogliamo ricordare la sua passione, il suo sorriso e la sua umanità che rimarranno per noi l'insegnamento di un amico che non dimenticheremo mai. Ciao Andrea.

La Redazione di SMP

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Vol 12, No 24 (2021): Le emozioni come oggetti sociali. Prospettive interdisciplinari

Published November 16, 2021




Gianfranco Bettin Lattes
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