"In Italy, every square metre of earth we excavate contains the remains of the body and the actions of a man who existed centuries ago. This land is therefore sacred. What gives us the right to forget that fact?" (Paolo Zermani)

Firenze Architettura is an international journal dedicated to theoretical and applied research in the field of architectural design, which serves as a critical observatory aimed at refounding and conveying the discipline of design by countering development models that disregard the core values of the European city. Each issue offers a space for reflection concerning a specific topic, which is then explored indepth in papers that investigate the design rationale while focusing on contemporary research. The journal also welcomes essays, in the form of editorials, by eminent personalities of European culture who, from an extra-disciplinary point of view, offer a broader understanding of the topic. Over time, Firenze Architettura has become an esteemed tool for the study and dissemination of the culture of architectural design and has been rated by ANVUR as a Class A scientific journal since 2015.

Paolo Zermani, Università di Firenze, Italy

ISSN 2035-4444 (online)

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Current IssueVol 27, No 1-2 (2023): tempo

Published January 30, 2024


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