Vol. 10 (2021)
Studi e Saggi

“Gustos y disgustos son no más que imaginación” di Pedro Calderón de la Barca e la rappresentazione per le nozze di Carlo II e Maria Luisa d’Orléans

Arianna Fiore
Università di Firenze
Published December 10, 2021


The comedy Gustos y disgustos son no más que imaginación was written by Pedro Calderón de la Barca in the Thirties and it was performed at court in 1680 on the occasion of the wedding of king Charles II with the French Marie Louise d’Orléans, Louis XIV’s niece, just a year before the death of the author. This paper explores, from a diachronic perspective, the different meanings and aims conveyed by the various vital stages of this Calderonian comedy – writing, performance and publication – with a specific focus on its 1680 performance at court.


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