Vol. 8 (2019)
OSSERVATORIO – Recensioni e discussioni

Percepire l’Antropocene. Intorno al volume di Kyle Bladow e Jennifer Ladino (eds), “Affective Ecocriticism. Emotion, Embodiment, Environment” , Lincoln, Nebraska UP, 2018, pp. 330 

Diego Salvadori
Università degli Studi di Firenze

Published 2020-12-30


  • affect theory,
  • ecocriticism,
  • environmental humanities,
  • material ecocriticism,
  • media studies


Moving from a forward on ecocriticism and his developments, we present the review of the volume Affective Ecocriticism (2018, ed. by Kyle Bladow and Jennifer Ladino), which deeply focuses on the relation between affect theory and environmental humanities.


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