Current Debates


MS Ricc. 492. Virgilio Riccardiano (illuminated by Apollonio di Giovanni). Parchment codex, mid-15th c., fol. 63r. Courtesy of the Riccardiana Library in Florence


One goal of Cromohs is to facilitate discussion of new historical works. To this end, the new section ‘Current Debates’ will host opinions and commentaries by acknowledged historians offering insight into topical historical issues and literature. We welcome contributions on theoretical developments, substantive epistemological and empirical issues, methodological concerns.  We also hope to foster a dialogue between the scholars contributing to this section.


On Global Historical Writing and Scholarship:

Cornell Fleischer, Cemal Kafadar, Sanjay Subrahmanyam

Friedrich Ammermann, Paul Barrett, Lucile Boucher, Olga Byrska, Elisa Chazal, Vigdis Andrea Baugstø Evang, Eoghan Christopher Hussey, Roberto Larrañaga Domínguez, Carlos Jorge Martins, Fartun Mohamed, Sven Mörsdorf, Bastiaan Nugteren, Anna Orinsky, Rebecca Orr, Cosimo Pantaleoni, Lucy Riall, Giorgio Riello, Asensio Robles Lopez, Alejandro Salamanca Rodríguez, Takuya Shimada, Halit Simen, Liu Shi