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CROMOHS is a peer-reviewed, open-access electronic history journal published in English, and over the last two decades has established a solid reputation for scholarly rigour. With a marked international outlook, it aims to encourage methodological debate arising from original and creative dialogue between scholarly traditions, and to promote innovative approaches to archival research. CROMOHS acts as a focal point and forum for challenging and fresh scholarship on fourteenth- to nineteenth-century intellectual, social and cultural history in a global perspective. It seeks to move beyond a strictly regional and Eurocentric approach, with a preferential view towards histories of transcultural contacts and connections. Articles relating to Muslim societies (fourteenth-nineteenth centuries) are most welcome. More generally, CROMOHS strongly encourages contributions engaging with extra-European cultures and societies. CROMOHS invites theoretically informed work from a range of historical, cultural and social domains that interrogate cross-cultural and connected histories, intersecting the history of knowledge, emotions, religious beliefs, ethnography, cartography, the environment, material culture and the arts.
Daniel Barbu, CNRS Paris, France
Caterina Bori, University of Bologna, Italy
Giovanni Tarantino, University of Florence, Italy
Paola von Wyss-Giacosa, University of Zurich, Switzerland
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Current IssueNo 26 (2023): Cromohs

Published December 20, 2023

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Miriam Benfatto and Elena Lolli, The Destruction and Preservation of Hebrew Books. New Sources and Methodologies for Studying Catholic Censorship and Other Forms of Dismemberment and Rescue of Hebrew Texts in Late Medieval and Early Modern Italy

Miriam Benfatto, Choosing the Lesser Evil: The Holy Office, the Jews and Voltaire. Censorship Notes on La difesa de’ libri santi e della religione giudaica (Venice, 1770)

Elena Lolli, Surviving Hebrew Accounts From the European Genizah. The Earliest Ledger of a Jewish Pawnshop in Italy

Kenneth St... More

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The Destruction and Preservation of Hebrew Books. Ed. by Miriam Benfatto and Elena Lolli

Historians and Their Craft

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