No. 26 (2023): Cromohs
Historians and Their Craft

An Interview with Martin Mulsow

Published 2023-12-20


  • Radical Enlightenment,
  • Precariousness,
  • Networks,
  • History of Philosophy,
  • Affinities and Influences


This interview with Martin Mulsow, a renowned intellectual and cultural historian, explores the influences that channeled his literary sensibilities and philosophical interests into a career devoted to charting the overlooked or forgotten terrain of early modern dissidence, heterodoxy, and erudition. It considers how his own formative encounters with post-war German intellectuals and his integration into an international network of scholars pursuing similar or complementary research agendas mirrored the experience of those early modern figures who have loomed so large in the numerous articles and books with which he has forced a reappraisal of the conventional narratives of the emergence of modernity.