Vol. 22 No. 2 (2019): Anno XXII, 2-2019

Emozioni e pedagogia. Per un primo inquadramento scientifico

Michele Cagol
Ricercatore di Pedagogia generale e sociale - Libera Università di Bolzano

Published 2019-12-17


  • Emotional education,
  • theories of emotion,
  • philosophy of emotion,
  • affective neuroscience,
  • emotion-cognition

How to Cite

Cagol, M. (2019). Emozioni e pedagogia. Per un primo inquadramento scientifico. Studi Sulla Formazione/Open Journal of Education, 22(2), 111–121. https://doi.org/10.13128/ssf-10790


This theoretical contribution is an attempt to provide a scientific framework for the Italian studies on emotional education of the last thirty years in the light of the recent proposals of the philosophy of emotions and of some neuroscientific lines of research. The article proposes a working classification of the various pedagogical perspectives in relation to the traditions of emotion theories (What are emotions?), to the issue of universalism (Do emotion categories designate natural kinds?), and, in particular, to the nature of the link between emotion and cognition/reason.


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