Vol. 12 (2023)

Suat Derviş. Una figura di soglia

Ayse Saracgil
Università di Firenze

Published 2023-12-23


  • Gothic Novel,
  • Ottoman Feminism,
  • Social Realism,
  • Turkish Feminism,
  • Turkish Nationalism


Suat Derviş (1905-72), who began collaborating with a newspaper at the age of sixteen and published the first gothic story in Turkish literature, is a representative figure of the changes that occurred during the transition from empire to nation. After having written psychological stories with strong gothic colors for a decade, at a time when most writers adhered to the aesthetic vision of nationalist realism, she developed a growing sensitivity towards social and economic disparities from the 1930s, and her narrative became realist. Her human, intellectual, and creative story allows us to grasp the conditioning exercised by power on the lives of women and to bring out a broader picture of the relationship maintained by the republican power with the first Turkish-Ottoman feminists.


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