The Italian Journal of Anatomy and Embryology, founded in 1901 by Giulio Chiarugi, Anatomist at Florence University, is a peer-reviewed journal sponsored by the Italian Society of Anatomy and Embryology. The journal publishes original papers, invited review articles, historical article, commentaries, obituitary, and book reviews. Its main focus is to understand anatomy through an analysis of structure, function, development and evolution. Priority will be given to studies of that clearly articulate their relevance to the anatomical community. Focal areas include: experimental studies, contributions based on molecular and cell biology and on the application of modern imaging techniques; comparative functional morphology; developmental biology; functional human anatomy; methodological innovations in anatomical research; significant advances in anatomical education. Studies that are essentially descriptive anatomy are appropriate only if they communicate clearly a broader functional or evolutionary significance.
Domenico Ribatti, Università di Bari, Italy
ISSN 2038-5129 (online)
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Current IssueVol 127, No 2 (2023)

Published December 31, 2023


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