Vol. 24 (2021): Cromohs

Transforming the East: A New Research Project in Australia

Francesco Borghesi
University of Sydney
Yixu Lü
University of Sydney
Daniel Canaris
Nanjing University
Thierry Meynard
Sun Yat-sen University
Cover image: Alcázar Palace, Seville: the Salón de Embajadores (Hall of the Ambassadors). Watercolour, attributed to E.S., ninetheenth century. Wellcome Collection. Public Domain
Published June 8, 2022
  • Translation,
  • Jesuits,
  • China,
  • Christianity,
  • Digital Humanities
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Borghesi, F., Lü, Y., Canaris, D., & Meynard, T. (2022). Transforming the East: A New Research Project in Australia. Cromohs - Cyber Review of Modern Historiography, 24, 148 - 160. https://doi.org/10.36253/cromohs-13573


The Jesuit translations of the Confucian canon not only provided one of the first European windows into Chinese culture but also changed the intellectual and cultural history of Europe. This paper introduces a new project, which examines the rich history of these translations and their dissemination, and interrogates how Confucian ideas influenced the development of Enlightenment intellectual culture, analysing the personal and textual networks through which the first substantial literary and philosophical exchange was conducted between Europe and China.