Vol. 4 (2015)
Studi e Saggi

Linda Di Martino, “La Donna d’Oro”. Miserie e nobiltà della Firenze perduta

Published December 22, 2015


This article presents a study of the historical novel La Donna d’Oro (2003) by the Florentine writer Linda Di Martino, author of crime novels and short stories. The novel is set in the Florentine Ghetto in 1884, on the eve of its complete demolition. The plot revolves around a cold case, an investigation on an old mystery with noir undertones. It also suggests turning the clocks back to the Florence of the 19th century that has disappeared, borrowing the idea from Giulio Piccini (Jarro)’s pamphlet, Firenze sotterranea, also published in 1884.


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