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Scienze del Territorio is the official journal of the Territorialist Society. The journal hosts pioneering studies pointed at enhancing territorial heritage, bringing back together the diverse meanings of places, frequently divided by confined institutional sciences and practices, and proposing transformation projects based on these guidelines. As an identity code of its scientific method and action, the journal promotes forms of meeting and mediation among theoretical thought, technical and local knowledge. The journal is intended as an observatory on innovation practices and a place of theoretical reflection on them, providing information, conceptual and practical tools for active citizenship and institutions engaged in various forms of attention to care and government of territories as common goods. The aim is to foster experience exchange and knowledge dissemination and, in a wider perspective, to trigger continuing education and empowerment, by encouraging and strengthening ways of learning and self-learning which can be catalysed by readings.
Editor-in-chief: Paolo Baldeschi
Associate Editors-in-chief: Luciano De Bonis, Maria Rita Gisotti
Managing Editor: Angelo M. Cirasino
Editorial Staff: Chiara Belingardi, Elisa Butelli, Claudia Cancellotti, Luana Giunta, Daniele Vannetiello

: “Bodies, cities, and the care of places”, Vol. 11, no. 1, 2023

Edited by Chiara Belingardi, Daniela Poli

Deadline: February 15th, 2023

In the face of ecological, social, territorial, economic and democratic crises our planet is going through, territorialist culture has aimed at an integral rethinking of the forms of production and reproduction of life worlds, not stopping at a mere technical renovation of the urban planner's toolbox.
In these years of reflection and experimentation, great attention has been paid in particular to two aspects: on the one hand the founding recognition of long-lasting characteristics and rules of the territory, understood as the outcome of co-evolutionary processes between nature and culture; on the other the inclusion of social practices and community self-government in the architecture of planning tools to support society's transition towards a new civilisation of care and regeneration of the territory, redefining territorial planning and design first and foremost as a "social practice that implies the enhancement of different kinds of knowledge, the consideration of action as an essential mode of knowledge, social mobilisation and conflict as forms of collective learning" ...

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PERMANENT CALL FOR PAPERS for the “Reflection on the territorialist project” section

This section of the journal contains papers providing reflections on the state of the art and the multi- and trans-disciplinary advancement of the territorialist project culture, moving from individual disciplines or ‘clusters’ of them. Such papers are therefore intended as totally independent of the topic dealt with in each monographic issue, and may be sent to the editorial staff at any time regardless of the deadlines connected to each thematic call for papers.

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: Abitare il territorio al tempo del Covid / Living the territories in the time of Covid

Questo numero speciale della Rivista “Scienze del territorio”, pubblicato in italiano nel 2020, è dedicato a una riflessione ‘territorialista’ finalizzata ad approfondire come la pandemia in corso, e le questioni che essa sta evidenziando, possano essere utilmente affrontate riscoprendo le potenzialità di un diverso modo di pensare, progettare, agire e quindi, complessivamente, “abitare” i nostri territori. Tanto più che CoViD-19 – ci segnalano gli scienziati – non si presenta come un evento isolato, ma come uno dei molti episodi inscritti nella cornice della crisi ambientale globale. La pandemia ha fatto emergere con straordinaria evidenza limiti e fragilità del rapporto prevalente tra economie e territori, riconducibili sempre più chiaramente a quel processo di “accumulazione per spoliazione” reso possibile dalla tecnologia, dalla logistica e dalla finanziarizzazione globali. ... Continua

Edited by Anna Marson and Antonella Tarpino


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Vol 10, No 2 (2022): Eco-territorialism. The bioregional perspective

Published December 30, 2022

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edited by Roberta Cevasco, David Fanfani and Alberto Ziparo



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