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Power-territory-urbanism. For a new politicization of research

Ilaria Agostini, Alma Mater Studiorum University of Bologna, Department for the Cultural Heritage

Volume 10 no. 1, 2022 | Language: Italian
First submitted: 2021-12-28 | Accepted: 2022-2-25 | Published Online: 2022-3-2
DOI: 10.13128/sdt-13411


Abstract. Reflecting on six theses, the essay deals with the relationships among political power, dominant economic ideology, forms of space, urbanism and regional planning. In order to face political power (coming into a fertile conflict with it) and to re-appropriate the technique of transformation of urban and rural space, research on cities and territories must now take radical positions. Starting from the ‘workerist’ forms of research, some paths are proposed in order to give a new politicization to scientific investigation.

Keywords: urbanism; regional planning; neoliberalism; research; politics.