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Il riscaldamento globale come spinta al reinsediamento delle terre alte

an interview with Luca Mercalli, Società Meteorologica Italiana and ISPRA

by Federica Corrado, Polytechnic of Turin, Interuniversity Department of Regional and urban studies and planning

Volume 9, 2021 | Language: Italian

Accepted: 2021-5-9 | Published Online: 2021-5-20 | DOI: 10.13128/sdt-12846

(accepted manuscript: to be completed and edited)

Abstract. This dialogue with Luca Mercalli, researcher and science communicator of environmental issues, focuses on the link between climate change and migration, with a particular reference to what is currently happening here and there in Italian mountains. It is a sort of ‘upwelling’ towards mountain areas whose protagonists (new mountaineers) try to fulfil not only an economic but also a life project. Mercalli explains the reasons of this movement towards the mountains which, in the next future, will become an increasingly central issue in territorial policies, telling his personal experience and choice to live in the upper Susa valley, in the borough of Vazon (Oulx). A complex challenge, this, between struggles and the great beauty expressed in that place. Attention and regard to the place accompany his project both in re-functionalizing and in building technique choices. A sort of ship’s log that helps reflect on the urgent programmes and policies for the re-activation of mountain territories.

Keywords: climate change; migration; mountains; territorial policies; boroughs.