No. 2 (2020): Beyond the pandemic. Rethinking cities and territories for a civilisation of care.

Urbanistica e Pianificazione nella prospettiva Territorialista: Per un contributo alla innovazione disciplinare

David Fanfani
Università degli Studi di Firenze, Italy
Published May 24, 2021
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Fanfani, D. (2021). Urbanistica e Pianificazione nella prospettiva Territorialista. Contesti. Città, Territori, Progetti, (2), 253 - 260.


The pandemic, as demonstrated by the wide debate that has been triggered on causes, remedies and perspectives, also radically questions the management and the configuration of the settlements as a strategic element to connect the use of resources and the forms of social and territorial development. From this point of view, the disciplinary dimension of town planning and planning as a specific dimension of public policies is clearly questioned. For this reason, in the form of reading, we decided to present in this issue the volume edited by Anna Marson “Urbanistica e pianificazione nella prospettiva territorialista” (2020, Macerata: Quodlibet), as a contribution aimed at intentionally returning the coordinates of an innovative approach. Based on the recovery of the co-evolutionary relationship between the anthropic and environmental dimension, in its various expressions, the territorialist school inspired the various interventions presented in the volume.


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