Call for papers CONTESTI 1 | 2023

WASTELANDS. Recycling urban spaces for the shrinking city

Edited by Francesco Gastaldi, Federico Camerin

This issue of CONTESTI aims to stimulate an international debate on decommissioning and shrinkage processes through: 1) outlining similarities and differences in the management of public real estate assets in a specific case study, but also in comparison – and in relation – with other types of voids (e.g. private properties). 2) Interpreting, in term of policy methodologies and tools, the effects of the decommissioning and redevelopment processes affecting abandoned assets and territories in terms of public-private relations, partnerships between public bodies at different administrative levels, institutional learning processes, and socio-economic repercussions at urban and territorial scales. 3) Highlighting urban issues tied to wastelands in relation to processes, approaches, and models of urban planning, strategic planning, and urban design. 4) Understanding the reasons and pivotal points underlying unsuccessful and successful re-cycling, as well as the opportunities and inertia of ongoing regeneration processes in connection with emerging issues and new experiments in territorial governance.

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ISSN: 2035-5300

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