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Contesti. Città, Territori, Progetti is the Journal of Regional and Urban Planning, Studies and Design of the Architecture Department of Florence University. The Journal, considering its editorial structure and the quality of the contributions hosted, represents since many years a credited voice in the field of the urban and regional studies and of the related policies and practices of planning and design. The peculiar profile of the Journal particularly draws on a remarkable attention paid to the meaning and relevance of the cross-disciplinary dialogue in the context of urbanism and planning and by its openess to the manifold disciplinary contributions that can feed and contour a wider field of  “territory and urban sciences”. Moreover, such an approach reflects in the attention paid to the opportunity to grasp with –either in interpretive/analytical and design terms- the complex “bundle” of interwined connections and feed-backs occourring between the current territorial transformative processes and global change drivers. That especially drawing on the  material and cognitive endowments that constitute the long-lasting, evolutionary, “thickeness” of the settlement patterns both at the urban and regional scale.

David Fanfani, University of Florence, Italy
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No 1 (2018)

Published October 29, 2019

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