Call for Paper CONTESTI  2 | 2024


Edited by Giulio Giovannoni, Paola Briata, Giuseppina Forte, Silvia Ross

Submission deadline September 30, 2024

Planning stems from multi-actor, interactive and negotiating processes (Crosta 1998, Forester 1982), which take place through discursive practices and are strongly conditioned by the distribution of power. In these processes, the planner is invested with a dual role, at once technical and political, and has to mediate between the interests and demands of different groups and stakeholders. Cross-contamination of urban planning/design and anthropological urban approaches makes it possible to reduce the distortions arising from the unequal distribution of power and information by leveraging the cultural and symbolic factors of space production. Anthropological urbanism serves the cause of spatial justice and ethically responsible planning (Cranz 2016, Bech-Danielsen, Landsverk 2022).
This issue of CONTESTI aims to take stock of the debate and promote theoretical reflection on the interdisciplinary contamination between urban planning and urban anthropology, and to illustrate some recent design and planning experiences marked by these kinds of approaches. Possible topics to be covered, non-exclusively, may include the following: 1) Urban anthropology and the discursive construction of urban policies; 2) Anthropological urbanism, stigma and symbolic justice; 3) Urbanism and anthropology of non-places, public housing estates, Arrival cities and camps for migrants and refugees, and the suburbs; 4) Visual anthropology and planning; 5) Anthropological urbanism and social conflict; 6) Open source urbanism and hybrid physical/virtual spaces of engagement.


ISSN: 2035-5300

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Current IssueNo 2 (2023): Ecosystem-based Planning. The contribution of ecosystem services to Urban and Regional Planning innovation

Published May 7, 2024


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