Vol. 10 (2021)
Condizioni di Possibilità

Tra “Heimfahrt” e “Zeitreise”: la temporalità nel racconto d’esilio “Der Ausflug der toten Mädchen” di Anna Seghers

Giovanni Palilla
Università di Firenze
Published December 9, 2021
  • Epic Preterit,
  • Exile Literature,
  • Future Past,
  • German Time Connectives,
  • German Verb Tenses


This article deals with the time dimensions of the short story Der Ausflug der toten Mädchen by Anna Seghers, a masterpiece of exile literature. According to the state-of-the-art, this text is not only a mere account of the destinies of the participants to the journey, but the literary elaboration of the writer’s personal story as well, and it is characterized by a surrealistic patina. Linguistic analysis shows that this is also due to a specific use of the time connectives and verb tenses, in particular the so-called future past and epic preterit.


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