Vol. 10 (2021)
Condizioni di Possibilità

“Aber Poesie und Sprache ist Nation”. L’esilio nella scrittura di Rudolf Borchardt

Liliana Giacoponi
Università di Firenze

Published 2021-12-10


  • Borchardt,
  • Dispatriation,
  • Exile,
  • Language


Borchardt spent in Italy most of his life, in what he initially considered to be a voluntary exile. This article aims to investigate how his displacement affected his literary work. Moving from his close connection with German Bildung, it will focus on the emblematic alter-ego that the author seeks in Dante and Virgil, to exiled writers whose views Borchardt shares. The article discusses to what extent Borchardt’s displacement plays a significant role in his interpretation of the Aeneid and the impact his relocation in Italy produced on his own works.


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