Vol. 8 (2020): Democrazia dei luoghi: azioni e forme di autogoverno comunitario / Democracy of places: actions and forms of community self-government

Quale comunità per quale territorio

Sergio De La Pierre
Independent sociologist of communities and territories
Published December 12, 2020
  • Community,
  • Need for community,
  • community of resentment,
  • socio-territorial dimensions,
  • participatory community democracy
How to Cite
De La Pierre, S. (2020). Quale comunità per quale territorio. Scienze Del Territorio, 8. https://doi.org/10.13128/sdt-11109


A wide-ranging reflection on the theme of ‘community’ is all the more urgent today, because this word is inflated and at the same time necessary for a perspective of ‘regeneration’ of society. The industrial era tended to marginalise the historical forms of ‘community’ organisation, but then slipped into a vision of both man and world centred on individual competitiveness and purely economic values. This is why today we are witnessing the rebirth of a strong ‘need for community’: this, even if often manifests itself as a defensive closure to the world (the ‘communities of resentment’), actually can allude to new paths of civilization, provided that the principles of individual freedom and a participatory community democracy, based on the idea of multidimensional integration, are safeguarded.


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