Vol. 7 (2019): Fragile territories. Community, heritage, project
In the background

I territori fragili e la memoria

Published 2019-12-27


  • fragile territories,
  • negative geographies,
  • memory as territorial heritage,
  • returns,
  • communities

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Tarpino, A. (2019). I territori fragili e la memoria. Scienze Del Territorio, 7, 44–47. https://doi.org/10.13128/sdt-10946


Fragile territories are those areas which, in the global re-design of space, escape the lexicon of the negative geographies of Margins and Limits to candidate, on the contrary (and here lies the revolutionary character of the new vision of territories in motion) as privileged destinations of important processes of Return. Crucial, in the experience of return to fragile territories, is Memory, as main instrument to reconfigure, by the communities, the meaning of places ant their vocations. If therefore, using the territorialist vocabulary, every reterritorialisation is after all a memory operation, in turn memory itself can be truly defined as Territorial heritage: which every community necessarily sticks to in defining itself as such.


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