Vol. 5 (2017): History of territories
In the background

Per un’ecologia della memoria: territori tra passato e futuro

Published 2017-12-27


  • memory,
  • territory,
  • return,
  • past

How to Cite

Tarpino, A. (2017). Per un’ecologia della memoria: territori tra passato e futuro. Scienze Del Territorio, 5, 54–58. https://doi.org/10.13128/Scienze_Territorio-22231


Memory is a gauntlet thrown down to the present – nowadays, unfortunately, increasingly holding as its own only horizon – in the name of what can be defined as a compatible future. looking for a coherence beyond the inevitable discontinuities and fractures. This could be achieved through the experience of Return: not a backwards motion but, first of all, a mental, cultural, experimental operation pointing forwards which it is urgent to get educated to. Return to the too many blanks of mountains et inlands where territories and places, mainly those in a state of misery and abandonment, challenge the very meaning of the words we use to describe them.


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