Vol. 2 (2013)
Condizioni di Possibilità

La rivoluzione dei MOOCs: un'analisi di policy framework su scala europea / The MOOCs’ (R)evolution. A policy framework analysis at a European level

Published 2014-05-30


  • Education,
  • EHEA,
  • Higher Education Stakeholders,
  • Moocs


Academic institutions all over the world, as well as active stakeholders in the field of education and supporting services, are exploring Moocs to try and understand how learning and teaching environments are changing, the outcomes of such a novelty for different countries and audiences, to what extent the Moocs revolution can represent both a unique opportunity to open up education and a new business model. Born to help universities and academic institutions to innovate pedagogical models, Moocs are developing along different routes. Using a policy framework analysis approach, this article presents the results of a European survey that questioned both public and private stakeholders on Moocs policy design, objectives and expected outcomes.


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