Vol. 13 No. 25 (2022): Oltre le sociologie. Dialoghi interdisciplinari su incertezza, rischio e vulnerabilità

Sociologia politica. Quale ruolo pubblico?

Giulio Moini
Sapienza di Roma

Published 2023-02-16


  • Political sociology,
  • public role of sociology,

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Moini, G. (2023). Sociologia politica. Quale ruolo pubblico?. SocietàMutamentoPolitica, 13(25), 223–234. https://doi.org/10.36253/smp-14263


The SARS-COV2 pandemic has emerged as a total social fact. It has overflown the public and politico-institutional spheres with doubts about the way society was answering to its needs before the crisis, and it has introduced new problems and needs, together with novel languages and practices to address them. What role has political sociology in this phase of radical change? The article argues that political sociology should not and cannot remain aphasic in this time, and that a reflection should start about the public role of political sociology. The first Section describes political sociology’s “duty” to intervene in public life. The second one offers an analytical key to read the impact of the pandemic on contemporary public policy. The last Section identifies a preliminary theoretical framework for defining the public role of political sociology and understanding its specific positioning in public life.


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