Vol 10, N° 20 (2019): Sociological Beruf : A Ten-Year Interpretive Journey

Die Stadt e la teoria contemporanea della città

Published 2020-01-16


  • Die Stadt,
  • contemporary city,
  • urban policies

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Magnier, A. (2020). Die Stadt e la teoria contemporanea della città. SocietàMutamentoPolitica, 10(20), 85–93. https://doi.org/10.13128/smp-11048


Die Stadt is traditionally declared as one of the milestone texts of urban sociology, a pioneering contribution of theory of the city. Urban sociology is recently renewing trough new attempts of theory of the city: proposals of new uses of the notion of right to the city, analyses of globalization and its urban mechanisms; furthermore under explicit reference to the Weberian notion, the role of cities as political actors in the world arena is emphasized. Weber’s essay contains nevertheless many further suggestions for a theoretical and empirical development of the research on the contemporary city. We propose here an impressionist reading of this text, with the mere ambition to gather those themes and methodological indications which, accurately elaborated, could yet enrich urban sociologists practices.


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