Vol 10, N° 20 (2019): Sociological Beruf : A Ten-Year Interpretive Journey

La neutralità assiologica weberiana e le sociologie di secondo livello

Published 2020-01-16


  • Axiological Neutrality,
  • Max Weber,
  • Ethnomethodology,
  • Double Hermeneutic,
  • Qualification,
  • Practical Action
  • ...More

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Caniglia, E. (2020). La neutralità assiologica weberiana e le sociologie di secondo livello. SocietàMutamentoPolitica, 10(20), 73–83. https://doi.org/10.13128/smp-11047


Axiological neutrality is one of the fundamental legacies of the Weberian theory, but it has long been the subject of various criticisms that question its possibility and its desirability as well. The essay tries to defend the validity of the Weberian principle of a sociology free of values ​​through a redefinition of the cognitive enterprise of sociology in terms of second-level analysis. If first level sociology mixes judgments of value and objective description and therefore ends up considering axiological neutrality as an obstacle, second-level sociology, thanks to the radical reform of its research objects, works instead to keep the distinction between knowledge and political or moral action, thus still giving validity to axiological neutrality.


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