Vol. 1 (2013): Vol 1 (2013) - Ritorno alla terra
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Farmers as “custodians of the territory”: the case of Media Valle del Serchio in Tuscany

Published April 4, 2014
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Vanni, F., Rovai, M., & Brunori, G. (2014). Farmers as “custodians of the territory”: the case of Media Valle del Serchio in Tuscany. Scienze Del Territorio, 1, 455-470. https://doi.org/10.13128/Scienze_Territorio-14299


The article focuses on the project “Custody of the Territory”, an initiative promoted by a territorial authority of a mountainous area of the Tuscany region (Unione dei Comuni Media Valle del Serchio) which set an agreement with local farmers to improve the hydro-geological management of the district. This innovative flooding prevention strategy, based on farmers’ knowledge and capabilities, shows that an effective hydro-geological management of the territory in mountainous areas should involve not only changes in farmers’ practices, but also a more structural shift regarding their identity, motivations and attitudes. The article highlights the need of implementing integrated policy tools based not only on compensation but also on incentives, communication and learning opportunities, since farmers’ knowledge and joint learning (amongst farmers, institutions, technicians, academics) are very important issues for an effective provision of environmental services through agriculture.


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