Vol. 11 No. 2 (2023): Gender and project of places
Science in action

Sharing the care places. A gender perspective on collective housing

Érica Martins
Università di Firenze
Valentina Novak
Master “Città di Genere”- Università di Firenze
Lily Scarponi
Master “Città di Genere”- Università di Firenze
Giulia Piazza
Master “Città di Genere”- Università di Firenze

Published 2023-12-29


  • co-housing,
  • gender perspective,
  • collective spaces,
  • reproductive labour,
  • women genealogies

How to Cite

Martins, Érica, Novak , V., Scarponi, L., & Piazza, G. (2023). Sharing the care places. A gender perspective on collective housing. Scienze Del Territorio, 11(2), 93–100. https://doi.org/10.36253/sdt-14462


This article explores the topic of co-housing from a gender perspective, considering that inhabiting is not a neutral, but a strongly gendered practice. The aim of the study is to describe some co-housing practices in order to observe how the design of spaces and the organisation of daily life can influence the distribution of care and reproductive labour. To this end, four experiences are analysed, with the aim of illustrating the multiplicity of configurations that co-housing can have: two outside (La Borda and Sargfabrik) and two inside Italy (Borgo Ponte Canale and Co-housing Le Torri) focusing on aspects such as the origin, the occurrence of participatory processes, the flexibility of spaces, and the forms of ownership and use of the property. It points out how feminist movements have played an essential role in the housing debate, bringing out the central role of collective spaces and interpersonal relations as fundamental elements for an equal sharing of care work. This insight into the practice of co-housing, given its characteristics and intrinsic potential, may thus represent a fertile ground for interdisciplinary experimentation and investigation, capable of driving us towards housing scenarios generating a greater equity.


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