Vol. 9 (2021): La nuova centralità della montagna / The new centrality of mountains
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Piccole scuole e territorio: un’indagine sulla relazione scuola-Comune per un progetto formativo allargato

Rudi Bartolini
Giuseppina Rita Jose Mangione
Francesca De Santis
Anna Tancredi
Vista dal basso di una foresta montana durante il ‘foliage’; fonte: pxhere. com, CC0 1.0 Universal license
Published January 5, 2021
  • small schools,
  • small municipalities,
  • territorial cooperation,
  • community school,
  • local identity
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Bartolini, R., Mangione, G. R. J., De Santis, F., & Tancredi, A. (2021). Piccole scuole e territorio. Scienze Del Territorio, 9. https://doi.org/10.13128/sdt-12483


‘Small schools’, characterized by a low number of pupils and located in ‘difficult’ territories, represent an important phenomenon of Italian school, especially as regards the first cycle of education. They are particularly frequent in mountain areas, small islands and in all those inland areas characterized by low population density, often presenting critical socio-economic situations and difficulties linked to isolation and distance from services. For these territories, they represent an important cultural protection and a wall against depopulation. Small schools often develop close ties with the relevant communities, playing an important role in the formation of place identity. From an educational and organizational point of view, the link with territories allows them to develop innovative solutions able to cope with difficulties. This article presents the results of a qualitative/quantitative survey carried out by INDIRE, Movimento delle Piccole scuole and ANCI pointed at investigating the existing forms of collaboration between small schools, municipalities and economic players in the area and identifying which conditions may favour an effective and sustainable functioning of small schools. A complex picture emerges, not always easy to interpret, where, in the light of evident critical issues, there are encouraging signs for the development of a fruitful dialogue among school, community and territory.


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