Vol. 7 (2019): Territori fragili. Comunità, patrimonio, progetto
Work in progress

FuturoInfinito: una biblioteca diffusa come spazio di ricostruzione di legami sociali

Published December 27, 2019
  • right to the city,
  • production of space,
  • emergency planning,
  • human heritage,
  • rebuilding communities
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Sorana, S. (2019). FuturoInfinito: una biblioteca diffusa come spazio di ricostruzione di legami sociali. Scienze Del Territorio, 7, 90-94. https://doi.org/10.13128/sdt-10953


The 2016 earthquake, which hit Marche, Umbria, Lazio and Abruzzi, led to an irreversible transformation of innumerable dimensions of space and to the fragmentation of pre-existing relationships within the communities residing in most of the affected territories . In areas close to the epicentre, the level of damage of the urban social context and the subsequent, almost total removal of population determined a level of vulnerability that requires systematic monitoring tools. About two years after the earthquake, no measures to support the population have been implemented in order to facilitate reintegration into social, territorial and economic contexts deeply changed by the earthquake, the demolition, the safety measures and the construction of ‘new residential’ areas, the so-called SAE areas (where SAE or Emergency housing modules are clustered). The SAEBiblioPoint project arose about two years after the creation of FuturoInfinito to implement the social aims of the project: in particular to promote social interaction, monitor the conditions of relationships in population, re-map their location and the spaces available within the City of Visso and, finally, offer proximity services by strengthening and reconnecting informal social networks.


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