Vol. 71 No. 2 (2016)
Saggi e Ricerche

Consumer preferences for US beef products: a meta-analysis

Published 2016-12-30


  • US beef,
  • country of origin,
  • willingness to pay

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Yu, X., Gao, Z., & Shimokawa, S. (2016). Consumer preferences for US beef products: a meta-analysis. Italian Review of Agricultural Economics (REA), 71(2), 177–195. https://doi.org/10.13128/REA-20078


By conducting a meta-analysis with 57 observations collected from 20 primary studies, we systematically analyze heterogeneities in consumer preferences for the Country-of-Origin-Labeling (COOL) of US beef products. We find that consumers often prefer their domestic beef products due to patriotism. Consumers in Asian (mainly, Korea and Japan) and European countries (such as France, Germany and UK) are willing to pay significantly lower prices for US beef products compared to their domestic products; while the US consumers are willing to pay more for the domestic products than the imported ones.


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