Vol. 12 (2023)
Studi e Saggi

La duplice visione. Miyabi e dimensione politica nella sezione 81 dell’Ise monogatari

Francesca Fraccaro

Published 2023-12-23


  • Criticism,
  • Government,
  • Kawaranoin,
  • Miyabi,
  • Realm


Current interpretations of section 81 of the Ise monogatari read it as a representation of the concept of miyabi (courtliness), defined as an ideal sphere of elegance divorced from worldly matters and political intrigues. Taking issue with the nonpolitical views of the Ise Stories entailed in such readings, this paper shows how the poem recited in this episode acquires political overtones through its narrative contextualization and the historical background evoked by its setting. While on surface the story depicts an ideal sphere of disengagement from the political arena, the very form of unworldly refinement it centres on, the composition of waka, also functions as a vehicle of covert criticism of the Fujiwaras’ regime and a plea for virtuous government.


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