Vol. 11 (2022)
Book Reviews

Come parlare di poesia oltre confini/conflitti identitari. In filigrana. Poesia arabo-americana scritta da donne di Lisa Marchi

Livia Bellardini
University of Roma Tre

Published 2022-12-23


While focusing her attention on the poems written by four Arab American women artists, Lisa Marchi’s In filigrana engages readers in her own survey of densely metaphoric compositions, whose weft recalls the intricate and precious metalwork of filigree. Arab American poetry, however, evades the limits of the aesthetically closed artifact, despite aesthetic delicacies are a defining feature of Arab American poetics. Indeed, the poems comprised in In filigrana figure as an open space where artistic, social, linguistic, and cultural exchanges are welcomed, happening both within the poems Marchi analyzes, and among various schools of criticism. To conceive of poetry as the ground for the creation of imaginative alternatives to the challenges present times urge us to examine, and to maintain a hopeful spirit towards future forms of relationality anticipate core issues and discussions this review will partake in.


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