Vol. 11 (2022)
Studi e Saggi

L'opinione dei docenti sulla didattica multilingue e interculturale. Studio di un caso campano: study of a Campania case

Inmaculada Solis Garcia
UNiversità di Firenze
Chiara Francesca Pepe
Universidad de Extremadura

Published 2022-12-23


  • Foreign Languages,
  • Foreign Students,
  • Italian Classroom,
  • Multilingualism


This paper analyses the point of view of middle school teachers on multilingual and intercultural classes as far as their implemented didactic approach. The study started from the distribution of a questionnaire among the professors in middle schools in the district of Salerno, in the Campania region. At present, the presence of foreign students in Italian classrooms has gradually though steadily increased gradually; therefore, a school policy that provides suitable resources and that believes in education for plurality is needed.


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