Vol. 10 No. 1 (2022): Territories and power, a two-way relationship
Reflections on the territorialist project

Territorial principle in place: for a territorialist evaluation design

Domenico Patassini
IUAV University of Venice, Department of Architecture and Arts
Territorial principle in place: a conceptual diagram. Image: author.
Published February 25, 2022
  • evaluation issue,
  • evaluation design,
  • territorial principle,
  • commoning,
  • effectiveness
How to Cite
Patassini, D. (2022). Territorial principle in place. Scienze Del Territorio, 10(1). https://doi.org/10.13128/sdt-13114


The paper attempts to answer the following question: how can experiences adopting the 'territorial principle' be evaluated? Such experiences do shape evaluation issues stimulated by bio-regionalist approach and commoning practices, suggesting paths other than the protocols in use. A design with an exploratory-constructive content looking at the experience effectiveness is here suggested.


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