Vol. 8 (2020): Democrazia dei luoghi: azioni e forme di autogoverno comunitario / Democracy of places: actions and forms of community self-government

Le condizioni di crescita della democrazia dei luoghi

Alberto Magnaghi
University of Florence, professor emeritus of Urban and regional planning
Published December 13, 2020
  • democracy of places,
  • concrete community,
  • territorial heritage,
  • inter-organizational networks,
  • higher-order local
How to Cite
Magnaghi, A. (2020). Le condizioni di crescita della democrazia dei luoghi. Scienze Del Territorio, 8. https://doi.org/10.13128/sdt-12372


Assuming that a democracy of places can only be a community democracy, the paper seeks for the conditions that can foster its growth; and finds them in the analytical and proactive application of the concept of urban bioregion, apt to activate territorial visions and practices that bring together, on the one hand, the recognition, re-appropriation and enhancement of local territorial heritages by “concrete communities” of dwellers-producers, on the other hand entrusting their management, as common goods, to new institutions of community self-government; connected in a complex architecture of “inter-organizational networks” – horizontal and vertical, subsidiary and non-hierarchical – able to reorient the decision-making vector ‘from below’ and giving rise to a “higher-order local”.


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