2020: SPECIAL ISSUE: Abitare il territorio al tempo del Covid / Living the territories in the time of Covid
Special issue section 4 - Redesigning cities and territories

I territori fragili di fronte al Covid

Alessandro Balducci
Polytechnic University of Milan, Department of Architecture and urban studies
Published December 8, 2020
  • fragile territories,
  • Covid-19,
  • urban peripheries,
  • territories in between,
  • marginal areas
How to Cite
Balducci, A. (2020). I territori fragili di fronte al Covid. Scienze Del Territorio, 169-176. https://doi.org/10.13128/sdt-12352


Moving from the convergence between the concept of “terrestrial” elaborated by Bruno Latour and the positions of Italian territorialism, the paper considers what the impact of Covid on fragile territories in Italy has been, but also what opportunities are opening up from the crisis that the pandemic has produced. Three areas are considered: urban peripheries, territories in between, inland, mountainous and hilly areas in contraction. The pandemic has hit each of these areas particularly hard. The lesson we can learn, however, is that to avoid further catastrophes, it is exactly from these places that we must start to build a resilient, habitable and equitable territory.


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