2020: Living the territories at CoViD time (special issue)
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Pensare un’economia trasformativa per comunità sostenibili e solidali

Riccardo Troisi
ReOrient ONG

Published 2020-12-05


  • pandemic,
  • multiple crises,
  • solidarity society,
  • social innovation,
  • social and solidarity economy

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Troisi, R. (2020). Pensare un’economia trasformativa per comunità sostenibili e solidali. Scienze Del Territorio, 133–141. https://doi.org/10.13128/sdt-12329


Pandemic has underlined as never before the limits of the prevailing economic model, and the evidence about the fact that our life styles are increasingly assaulted by multiple (financial, economic, ecologic and about social justice) lasting and overlapping crisis. The ‘solidarity society’ is showing, along this crisis, an important response capacity, practising multiple generative experiences of new economy whose common frame is a pact of care for its own living space, fair with both human community and natural environment. The serious consequences of the ongoing pandemic, the end of which is difficult to predict, will bring just a return to the previous situation or an activation of the large and diffuse social innovation potentialities? So far, we have no clear signal towards one or the other. In any case, we can develop alternative action and strategies based on potentialities. Starting from the local level there is the possibility to experiment not just residual or testimonial projects but alternative models of production, distribution, consumption and savings bringing back the concept of economy to its primary dimension, the one to satisfy fundament needs of the community. If we do not reclaim this dimension, we will not be able to answer the issues of equity and justice, both social and environmental, which are everyday becoming more urgent and essential at the global level.


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