2020: Living the territories at CoViD time (special issue)
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Il territorio come costruzione sociale al tempo del Covid

Aldo Bonomi

Published 2020-12-05


  • territories,
  • community,
  • care,
  • social innovation,
  • collective intellect

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Bonomi, A. (2020). Il territorio come costruzione sociale al tempo del Covid. Scienze Del Territorio, 118–125. https://doi.org/10.13128/sdt-12324


To deal about territory as a social construction in Covid times we need to start again from community, albeit eradicated from physical proximity. The social dimension of the community does not pertain only to experts and prefects. The word ‘care’, beyond sanitary domain, urges a job that starts from feelings, anthropologies, operating on the thousand uncertainties that characterize our society rich in means and poor in collective ends. Care as a path and opportunity to rethink our being a community of destiny, starting from territories of the margin dense of practices and experiences between environmental sustainability and social inclusion, to take to the centre for more habitable cities. To this end, it is necessary that social innovation tries to escape from the technological allure or ritualism of technical design focused upon innovation of means, promoting instead innovation of social ends and production of collective meaning. We need to consider social innovation practices not only as good news, but also as a collective intellect of new intermediate bodies, that is, filaments of new institutionality. There can be no green economy without green society, a collective intellect rooted into territories to create and restore social cohesion. In terms of governance, it would seem logical to weave regional columns to dialogue with the state pediment that holds and coordinates everything, and then go to Europe and the world to come… given the state of debate, an utopia.


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