2020: Living the territories at CoViD time (special issue)
Special issue section 2 - Changing living practices, values and demands

Dal ciglio della rupe tarpea, resilienze nell’area milanese/lombarda

Giorgio Ferraresi
Polytechnic University of Milan, Department of Architecture and urban studies

Published 2020-12-03


  • pandemics,
  • territorial regeneration,
  • proactive paths,
  • resilience,
  • hope

How to Cite

Ferraresi, G., Pozzati, V., & Vasciaveo, V. (2020). Dal ciglio della rupe tarpea, resilienze nell’area milanese/lombarda. Scienze Del Territorio, 72–78. https://doi.org/10.13128/sdt-12284


This article tries to grasp the ‘essential meaning’ of the pandemic and its context to introduce an alternative outcome based on practices already living, here and now, among local actors. From the break of co-evolutionary process between nature and culture to territorial regeneration as a design rule; from the tragic dominance of death to the vision of desired worlds of life. Resilience as resistance and proposal. Multiple experiences are gathered here, focusing the theme of neo-rurality and the co-production/consumption relationship, also in its nascent and growing connection with the Food Policy of the Milan Municipality and with civil volunteering. Right in the heart of the pandemic, which does not destroy but sees these practices grow and strengthen towards the future. They concern: small/medium-sized businesses and their more complex solidarity networks; the new role of some cooperatives, ‘hubs’ at the very centre of local agricultural realities in extended interaction. Field experiences that reveal all their fertility in a dialogue among theory, cultures and social practices destined to change the current common sense.


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