2020: Living the territories at CoViD time (special issue)
Special issue section 4 - Redesigning cities and territories

Il virus architetto

Aimaro Isola
Isolarchitetti, Turin

Published 2020-10-07


  • virus,
  • landscape of living,
  • threads,
  • design,
  • nature

How to Cite

Isola, A. (2020). Il virus architetto. Scienze Del Territorio, 152–159. https://doi.org/10.13128/sdt-12097


Once confined Art and Architecture, which for a long time did guide us, in the autonomous spaces of aesthetics, critique, the market, disputes among connoisseurs, the advent of the virus seems now to induce unpredictable changes even in thinking new places for living. But a quick look at the contemporary world astride the virus, flying like the Baron of Münchhausen on a cannonball, reveals that the virus has already been here, that crises, catastrophes, plagues and wars have always oriented the production of human landscape; and presses us on reconnecting the broken ‘threads’ of an interweaved design, on being not only subjects ‘in’ the nature but, ‘with’ the nature, inhabitants of a common atmosphere, of a single landscape.


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