Vol. 8 (2020): Democrazia dei luoghi: azioni e forme di autogoverno comunitario / Democracy of places: actions and forms of community self-government
Science in action

Autogestione del lavoro, territorio ed istituzionalità popolare: l’esperienza della fabbrica recuperata ‘19 de Diciembre’ in Argentina

Alioscia Castronovo
"Sapienza" University of Rome
Published December 12, 2020
  • self-management,
  • territory,
  • popular institutionality,
  • recuperated factories,
  • labour
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Castronovo, A. (2020). Autogestione del lavoro, territorio ed istituzionalità popolare. Scienze Del Territorio, 8. https://doi.org/10.13128/sdt-11917


In the middle of the capitalistic crisis, new self-organization practices starting from the self-management of labour are growing up in Latin America, extending to territories and redefining from below social relationships and conflict forms in the metropolitan spaces. While opening up new processes of organization both of production and social reproduction, these heterogeneous social, political, cultural and economic frameworks contribute to the production of common spaces in popular neighbourhoods where education, labour and social reproduction are reorganized inside and against the dispossession and exploitation processes that characterize neoliberal urbanism. The current neoliberal global regime of accumulation combines privatization of welfare and services with financialization of economy, intensifying the exploitation of social cooperation and the control of urban space. In this context, analyzing the experiences of the recuperated factory “19 de Diciembre”, where I developed an ethnographic fieldwork in Buenos Aires, I reflect on the implication of her popular-communitarian frameworks and their capacity to redefine the urban form from below experimenting new ways to organize labour and urban life in common, like social infrastructures of an emergent popular institutionality that helps renovate social, unionist and cooperative practices, showing us new spaces where social conflict develops and changes.


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