Vol. 5 (2019)

Mirabello: la villa di Pigello e Acerrito Portinari a Milano

Jessica Gritti
Politecnico di Milano
Published December 18, 2019
  • Villa, 15th century architecture, Pigello Portinari, Acerrito Portinari, Milan
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Gritti , J. (2019). Mirabello: la villa di Pigello e Acerrito Portinari a Milano. Opus Incertum, 5, 50-61. https://doi.org/10.13128/opus-10902


Mirabello is one of the best known suburban villas of the Milanese Quattrocento, yet in spite of the importance of the family that commissioned it and of some fundamental documentary discoveries, the chronology of the remaining structures, its building phases and many aspects of its links with economical and political functions remain uncertain. The essay proposes a deep analysis of published and new documentation concerning the villa and contributes to clarify the building phases and the history of the property after the Portinari family, in particular when it was owned by the powerful treasurer of the duchy of Milan Antonio Landriani and later by the banker Giovanni Marino.