Vol. 121, No. 1 (Supplement) 2016
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The role of the IRILD Consortium in the European DEDIPAC-KH project

Published 2017-10-06


  • IRILD Consortium,
  • systematic literature reviews,
  • data set,
  • dietary intake determinants,
  • physical activity determinants
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Polito, A., Saba, A., Censi, L., Ciarapica, D., Ferrari, M., Le Donne, C., Martone, D., Moneta, E., Sette, S., Sinesio, F., Turrini, A., Lazzeri, G., Berardi, D., Troiani, E., Andersen, L. F., & Mazzocchi, M. (2017). The role of the IRILD Consortium in the European DEDIPAC-KH project. Italian Journal of Anatomy and Embryology, 121(1), 94. Retrieved from https://oajournals.fupress.net/index.php/ijae/article/view/2232


The IRILD Consortium (partner in the DEDIPAC-KH joint Action) has been working in a few activities of Thematic Area1 and Thematic Area2 aimed at: -Developing a toolbox with state-of-the-art methods to assess dietary intake and their determinants based on their quality and suitability to be used in pan-European studies (task 1.1.1)- Identifying existing pan-European datasets including dietary intake to do secondary analysis according to variation in dietary intake by demographic (task 1.1.2)- Examining the validity and reliability of the measurement methods employed to assess physical activity and sedentary behaviours on children/adolescent and adults populations (task 1.2.4)-Identifying national state-of-the-art surveillance systems and infrastructures in Europe (task 1.3.3).-Mapping and defining life course determinants, correlates and key research challenges of dietary intake in old population (task 2.1.1)-Mapping and defining life course determinants, correlates and key research challenges of physical activity behaviour (task 2.2.1)Theoretical frameworks of determinants have been taken as the starting point for developing the frameworks and taxonomies. On-going/recently finished EU-funded projects on determinants has been consulted. Finally, SRLs have been conducted .The IRILD (Infrastructure to support Research In promoting active Lifestyles and healthy Diet) Consortium has been contributing to obtain the following results: Methodological assessment and measurements for evaluation of vitamin B12 and folate intake have been extracted. Information on the validity and reliability of assessment methods were collected and all essential data for a toolbox have been prepared (task 1.1.1);A report on variation of food consumption throughout Europe, concerning a secondary analysis to estimate food habits variation by food groups in different European age-gender population groups, has been prepared (task 1.1.2);Methodological effectiveness of measures of PA and SB on children/adolescent and adults populations have been examined (task 1.2.4);Information on nutritional surveillance in Italy have been delivered for sub-task (task 1.3.3); Systematic Literature Review on determinants of dietary intake in community-dwelling older adults to get an overview is going to be concluded (task 2.1.1). The IRILD consortium was financially supported by the Italian Ministry of Agriculture Food and Forestry Policies (DM.14474/7303/13).