Vol. 8 No. 2 (2019)
Activity Reports

“Beyond the Standard Model: where do we go from here?”

Published 2019-11-29


  • Beyond the Standard Model,
  • High Energy Physics,
  • Precision Physics,
  • AMO,
  • Particle Accelerators,
  • Dark Matter,
  • Higgs Boson,
  • New Physics
  • ...More

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AAVV, A. (2019). “Beyond the Standard Model: where do we go from here?”. Il Colle Di Galileo, 8(2), 43–48. https://doi.org/10.13128/cdg-10842


The workshop brought together a large number of theorists and experimentalists from a variety of areas of physics, with a majority from high energy particle physics and a significant fraction from low energy, atomic, molecular and optics, as well as accelerator physics. The topics discussed ranged across a wide field of future experimental investigations of physics beyond the Standard Model, both with low and high energy probes, including a focus on future accelerator facilities currently under discussion worldwide. The workshop enjoyed the presence of Simons Fellows, who led broad-scope discussions on the directions of future research in the exploration of physics beyond the Standard Model.


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