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Call for Papers Issue nr. 12 (2022) of Studi irlandesi. A Journal of Irish Studies will include the following monographic section:

Exploring Digital Literature and Humanities in Ireland



Guest Editors: Arianna Antonielli, Samuele Grassi (University of Florence)

Deadline: November 10, 2021: extended deadline for submitting abstract proposals; (more info)

ISSN 2239-3978 (online)

Studi irlandesi. A Journal of Irish Studies aims to promote and contribute to the interdisciplinary debate on themes and research issues pertaining to every aspect of Irish culture, in order to create a place for an international debate and high quality research on Irish literary studies, history, cultural perspectives and linguistic inquiry, from the Romantic Era to the present age. The aim of the publication is, therefore, to stimulate discussion on problematic aspects of Irish culture: history, politics, social environment, as well as literature and art. The journal will publish previously unpublished works, both in the original language and Italian translation, as well as interviews, reviews, reports and bibliographies of interest for Irish culture scholars. The journal will also publish research in progress focussing on recent developments rather than consolidated theories and hypotheses and openings rather than conclusions, and will encourage young scholars to publish the results of their - completed or partial - research, and take part in the international debate, both in traditional formats and digital media.
Fiorenzo Fantaccini, Università di Firenze, Italy
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Vol 11 (2021)

Published June 17, 2021

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Front Cover by Marco Vanchetti



Sezione monografica / Monographic Section

María Graciela Eliggi
María Isabel Arriaga
Norma Liliana Alfonso, Graciela Obert
Miriam Patricia Germani
Stephen D. Allen
María Eugenia Cruset
Viviana P. Keegan
Shea Atchison
Benjamin Keatinge
Brian Ó Doibhlin
Tina Lawlor Mottram
María Graciela Eliggi
María Graciela Eliggi
Carmen Casey
Dieter Reinisch
Shahriyar Mansouri
Cónal Creedon
Connal Parr
Armin Langer

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