Vol. 3 (2014): Letter Writing in Early Modern Culture, 1500-1750
Part Two - Case Studies

Language and Letters in Samuel Richardson’s Networks

Donatella Montini
BSFM: Laboratorio editoriale OA (Responsabile)
Published March 10, 2014
  • Correspondence,
  • Involvement Strategies,
  • Samuel Richardson
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Montini, D. (2014). Language and Letters in Samuel Richardson’s Networks. Journal of Early Modern Studies, 3, 173-198. https://doi.org/10.13128/JEMS-2279-7149-14170


This article aims to provide an overview of Samuel Richardson’s social networks, with a special focus on the stylistic features of epistolary exchanges between the novelist and other members of his circles. In the light of the social network theory, which investigates linguistic variations and changes influenced by discourse communities, the present research paper mainly concerns aspects related to register, and investigates the influence of Richardson’s ‘dramatic style’ upon the members of his epistolary networks, as well as the interpersonal involvement strategies he deploys with regard to the addressee and his/her discourse.