Call for Papers Issue XVI (2022) of Music/Technology:


On sound synthesis



We are pleased to announce our call for papers for the XVI issue (2022) of Music/Technology. This issue welcomes contributionson new technological advances in sound synthesis and data sonification for music and composition, and their associated artistic/compositional results.

Guest Editor: Marco Stroppa

Co-Editor: Paolo Zavagna

Deadline: 31 Dec 2021

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ISSN 1974-0050 (online)

The advent of electricity and its instrumental applications has given new impetus to the relationship between music and technology. The constant and progressive spread of electronics and digital tools has increasingly influenced the executive and creative areas of music, aligning the technological dimension always present in its evolutionary path to the demands of contemporaneity. Hybridizations between different genres have been developed. Expressive languages and horizons of scientific and technological research, unthinkable only a few decades earlier, have opened up.
Music/Technology attempts to explore this dimension, in the awareness that the relations between the musical world and the technological one are not linear but rather characterized by chronological and environmental mismatches. With the aim of making explicit - as we had already underlined in our first issue - the awareness that shows «how new categories of musical thought could be created thanks to the invention of devices and instruments whose impact on our ways of learning and conceiving sound phenomenon was decisive» (Hugues Dufourt). The ratio line present in the title of the magazine therefore seeks to express precisely this, in all the values that one wishes to assign to that line. Ultimately, the urgency is to understand the creative, productive and realization mechanisms in which music fits thanks to its electrical and digital developments, while undertaking a reflection that allows us not to be overwhelmed by them.

Marco Ligabue, Conservatorio di Firenze, Italy
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Published April 14, 2023


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