XI-XII (2017-2018)

Three years of fragments: music, sound design, and sketching

Published August 30, 2018
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Cera, A. (2018). Three years of fragments: music, sound design, and sketching. Musica/Tecnologia, 12(1), 45-62. https://doi.org/10.13128/Music_Tec-23799


This article describes an ongoing process, started in 2014, which brings together scientific research, artistic  investigation, sound design tools development, and cooperation between various entities, institutional and non-institutional: the European project SkAT-VG, the independent Swiss platform Plakart, the Art Center of Château La Coste,  social media. The artistic output of this process consists of series of sketches and fragments ([I titoli che seguono entro la parentesi tonda vanno tutti in corsivo] Pink Squirrels; S’i’ Fosse Suono; after the Gate-Machines; The Brown Lipstick Sketches). The focus on sketching activities (in the SkAT-VG project) and the fragmented nature of the Internet (in the Plakart platform) has driven me to develop autonomous narrative frameworks to unify a seemingly disparate collection of short forms. I introduce my presentation with a synopsis of my aesthetic position, which revolves around the interference between different, or even incompatible, cultural paradigms.


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